Facts Of Lyfe.

About Me


Hello World! Here is a photo of me trying to be artsy… I think this is a good introduction to who I am. I’m a second-year in college and honestly do not enjoy my time at all. I have a lot of ideas in my mind and really want to try them all out, unfortunately, my fatal flaw is that I am not much of an “action” kind of person. Hopefully, that all changes today! I started this blog to discuss anything that has to do with life, narrow topic right? Of course not but I often go on small tirades about everything I like and dislike about every aspect of life so that is exactly where the idea for this blog came from. I want to have a conversation about everything I have personally experienced and use this entire website as more of personal therapy. It is a way for me to express myself since I’m an incredibly shy introvert. If I can help anyone discover something about themselves or life, then that would be incredible. I will post MONDAY- THURSDAY with occasional extra vlogs and life entries that I want to discuss. See you later everyone and lets talk about life.