About Me


Hello World! My name is Javon Nathaniel and I am currently a college senior overthinking life every way I possibly can. One of my hobbies is producing hip-hop instrumentals and occasionally some full songs. I originally started out as a poet in middle school. After listening to artists such as Common, Outkast and Childish Gambino, I began to dabble in production. Now, I’ve been producing for almost four years now. 

Throughout my time in college, I have traveled to Costa Rica, France and China. Soon I’ll be spending an entire four months abroad in Japan for my Fall semester of college. When I’m not obsessing over my next international destination or working on music, I’m usually writing. Writing lyrics to some instrumentals I create and also writing my sprawling thoughts out onto paper. I don’t have an official journal but I kind of consider this blog to be a recorder for my thoughts so hopefully you enjoy what I write.