Facts Of Lyfe.

Life Entry #7- The Existence of Art

Art is an extension of one’s perception of the world. I appreciate art immensely and I do not just mean drawings or paintings, even though those are included as well. When I think of art, I think of a broad spectrum of things.

Someone performing spoken word is considered art, someone singing is considered art, someone writing is considered art, even someone’s public speaking ability can be an art form.

Today, I am going to speak about a quick tale regarding one artist in France who drew this picture of me.


This day was filled with a lot of independent moments. While I was abroad in France for a month during the Summer of 2017, I found myself trying to fit into the group I was surrounded by despite my personal morals. I lost sight of myself for a week or so and really wanted to stay around them because I was afraid to go alone.

College was the first time I had the opportunity to travel aboard. Traveling helped me realize how large the world really is. Great realization, right? I am not one to really be frightened in life but traveling abroad had me always on my toes.

I think people really underestimate how traveling abroad can be. It can be a great experience to see new sights and embrace the world but it is also draining. Everything can be overwhelming, well it was for me.

This day in particular was different, it was one of the free days separate from our actual program. A lot of people traveled in a pack to see more of Angers, which is the area in France our dormitory was located. During this day I went with one other girl to travel around but found myself veering away from her at times to explore by myself.

At the time, it was out of character for me to kind of do my own thing. However, this day was different. I began to lead the way to an unknown destination while the girl who came with me was following. I felt like a true adventurer, creating my own path. Then again, maybe I am just being over-dramatic. No matter how much this may sound hyperbolic, I honestly did have these feelings.

During our stroll throughout the different parts of the area, we came to a large contemporary art museum with people flooding it’s main courtyard. Entrepreneurs set on selling their hand-made products filled the area with incomprehensible energy as they tried to make a living in their own way. After browsing the different trinkets, I came to a lady and her husband who were quietly creating new items to sell while sitting next to an assortment of their products sprawled out on a blanket. Each one of them had a unique style, a style that had me mesmerized by pure sight.

The sweet sales lady noticed my gaze and began to name what the different pieces represented. One that stood out to me the most was a moon stone that symbolized the brain. According to her, those who wear the stone receive answers to questions they have been thinking about. In this moment, I questioned whether or not I wanted to by the necklace that held the moon stone she spoke so highly of. Before I could really think, a random artist sat next to me and began to draw me without speaking a single word. It seemed as if my high-top hair had inspired her, however, that could just have been my observation.

While the random artist continued to sketch, I decided to purchase the stone as a gift. After speaking with the lady some more I noticed that the artist was trying to get my attention so I shifted my focus. The artist then handed me the sketch she drew of me and wrote the title of the stone I had just purchased and put in my pocket for safe keeping. As you can tell from the sketch, it has a striking resemblance to my facial features. However, that is not necessarily what I wanted to focus in on.  

The art that she created was spontaneous and given to me free of charge. The artist stated that she loves to draw random people and see their smiles once they see her work. In addition to this, she also noted it as practice for her college projects that she was about to endure during the following semester. Nevertheless, she embodied my idea of a true artist.

Whenever thinking of artist, I always had this stereotype of the “starving artist” who struggled to make a living. This had a negative connotation in my head and made me ignore most people who said they would be pursuing art. My thoughts were completely wrong and stemmed from another part of myself. The artistic side of myself that had been silenced for so long.

As a child, I wanted to be a poet or writer in some capacity. However, my mother repeatedly told me that writers do not make money which deterred me from the field and led me into international business which I love wholeheartedly. This suppression of my younger ambition to become a writer caused me to have this unique perception of other artists, making me believe these creatives would be unhappy without a steady income which is far from the truth.  

Creatives such as this random college artist stand for the essence of art, expressing yourself. In these expressions, the college artist aimed to make a difference in people’s day by making them smile. It is something that should make everyone appreciate the art they see around them everyday. Whenever analyzing your child’s drawing on the fridge, consider the thought process that went into that form of expression and the emotions that hold it together.

This drawing made me smile that day and symbolized more for me than just a picture, it was commemorating a day where I learned how to be a true individual whether domestically or abroad. And for that, I thank this artist for her contribution to my happiness that day.

Hopefully this story also put a smile on your face!

Hello! I am going to switch around the time frames I do these blog posts since my workload is starting to pick up a lot. So I will try to aim for three days out of the week to post instead of 4 and see if that helps in my consistency as I continue this throughout the school year! I will update my website accordingly. Thanks again everyone!

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