Facts Of Lyfe.

Life Entry #6- The Motivation to Create

I am a creative, I am someone who can not have a day without coming up with new ideas. I often daydream. In the midst of my thought bubbles, I will stare blankly or begin to unknowingly talk to myself. Enter the mind of a creative.

I consider myself to be a “lazy perfectionist,” someone who likes to see the greatest outcome of things but doesn’t want to put all of the effort into it. There is one exception to this. If I am passionate about something, then I will absolutely place my living soul into seeing it come to fruition.

I feel like my personality type is the reason I want to become an entrepreneur. Now, I don’t have the same famous backstory of young geniuses who are Harvard University dropouts and then make a million dollar company. I am a student who sees the value in both entrepreneurship and corporate America.

No matter what path I take in life, I want to follow the path of being a creator in any capacity. I love brainstorming or even seeing an idea come to life, it is truly an extraordinary feeling.

When I was young, I would always find ways of trying to buy the latest Pokemon cards or video games that were released during that time. After asking my mom countless times for new things, she told me no and to wait until my birthday or Christmas. While all of my friends were getting the latest forms of entertainment, I would still have to wait for months. This did not satisfy me.

In response to my mother, I challenged myself to generate quick cash. The quickest way I could make money was to sell the old toys that I had. I began working immediately on curating my closet to see what toys I would sell for profit. After making a careful selection, I transformed my room into a store by making my bed a makeshift table that had all of the toys posted for sale. I used printer paper to write reasonable prices for each item to see how much I would need to sell to reach my end goal.

This was my reality at the time. I opened my shop to all of the people in my home. This included my grandma, grandpa, and mother. I invited my sister to my store’s “grand-opening” but she was not interested. I told everyone to stop by my makeshift store in about two hours after dinner. While everyone was eating, I was having my own crisis.

I had an instant fear of my toys not selling because adults don’t really like toys that much. In that moment, I thought about what adults do like. I came to the conclusion that adults liked art. After this thought, I took some old drawings that I made and began creating more. The characters in my “art” consisted of the cartoons that I watched on a daily basis. Now, I was confident to sell my products.

The store opened right on time because I was a very punctual kid. The three customers I anticipated began to smile as they looked into my room to see all of the things I had for sale. I noticed that all they did was window shop for the most part but then one customer, my mother, came to give me some dollars for two of my art pieces. I accepted the money very quickly, even though it was only eight dollars, I was filled with excitement and determination to sell the rest of my inventory.

After my moment of excitement, my grandfather approached me with almost twenty dollars in his hand and requested to purchase the rest of the toy car selection I had left. I took him up on his offer and finally met my end goal to obtain the new game that I wanted.

This entire story represents the kind of person I am today. I love to create things and knew more about business as a kid than most people my age. I knew how to diversify my product mix, I knew how to target a specific market, I knew how to analyze profit margins. I had the makings of an entrepreneur from the very beginning.

At one point, I even tried to sell my mom peanut butter that she just purchased from the grocery store after I “borrowed” it for my inventory. She still gave me the money for her peanut butter but scolded me afterwards even though she enjoyed my entrepreneurial mind.

Let me not get side-tracked, the main point here is that our passions as children tell us a lot about ourselves. My passion back then perfectly correlates with my career path currently. Back then, I noticed how cool it was to make a product that others could see and utilize. Today, I still support this same mentality.

My motivation in life is to create. If I can spend my entire life creating music, blogs, or even businesses, then I will be happy and feel fulfilled. I challenge everyone to consider their childhood and significant moments that you could draw upon to determine what you really love to do.

Of course, you know more about career choices now in comparison to when you were five years old. What I am asking, is that you consider what your younger self did that still resonates with you today. For me, my younger self created anything he could no matter what people told him in regards to feasibility.

Sometimes it’s good to take one step back in order to see the possibility for moving three steps forward.

Have a great day everyone, and I will write again next week beginning Monday!


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