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When My Social Battery Dies (LifeEntry#2)

Being around people is very stressful and draining. Especially when you have to put on an act at times just to make it through until you finally get home. The “you” in this case is of course, me.

I feel bad at times because when I am in front of people I really want to be as extroverted as possible to match their personalities but that in itself is a challenge. I consider myself an introvert and those who know me well will know that I’m a true introvert. If I could, I would probably like to be in an isolated location with a select few people that make me feel happy even when my social battery is on empty.

There are not many people that can connect with me when I choose to close myself off from the world to regroup. Trust me, I have tried everything in the world (exaggerating) to make myself be more open to others. There is not much of a middle-ground. I am either extremely introverted to the point where people are concerned about me or I’m outgoing to the point where I start to lose sense of myself and go into the negative range on my social battery life.

One thing that I try to do when surrounded by a stressful situation or a moment when I’m internally screaming for some space from a social gathering, is imagine a peaceful moment. This peaceful moment can be anything but for me, it includes being able to eat cereal all day and play video games while listening to music. Ironically, I don’t play video games as much as I used to in my “younger days” but nevertheless that is the image I have in my mind of a calming setting.

Being in that serene environment makes me embrace the beauty of being able to utilize my time how I see fit, in a way that primarily releases stress from my daily activities. Listening to music is also a great social battery re-generator since I produce as a hobby, and allows me to freely express my feelings even when I’m running on empty!

Honestly, find your inner-zen and focus in on that piece. I will have days that make me feel super energized and others that make me crash under the weight of responsibilities. Do not fret! Life is difficult, we all experience a lack of energy some days. Remember it is okay to take a breath and chill one day without doing a single thing. It is perfectly fine to take that time to yourself because life is already a timed journey, don’t take that time for granted and shorten it by not stopping to admire the beauty behind doing nothing sometimes. Whether that be mentally, physically, or spiritually, in any facet you choose.

Stress is normal but letting that stress rule your life is certainly not living. I know firsthand, and can say from personal experience that it’s hard but sometimes flowing with the motions of life is fine (just don’t make a habit of it like I do at times). Time is one of the only true luxuries we have in life. The only individuals I consider “wealthy” are those who make the most of borrowed time.

That is enough from me! Sorry for the very late post, I still have to finish the video for this post since I didn’t get any time to edit today. Trust me when I say that it is coming, and tomorrow I will probably double post since I wasn’t able to tonight. Weather has been insane where I reside, which means I will make it up to everyone. But on that note, have a great day everyone!




3 Replies to “When My Social Battery Dies (LifeEntry#2)”

  1. Wow this was such a profound post! This was so relatable to me right now! I’m at university and it’s not that I don’t want to spend time with people it’s just that I get so physically exhausted from it that I have to take time out!

    This was such a great post and thanks for sharing – following 🙂

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