Facts Of Lyfe.

What Does It Mean to be 20?(LifeEntry #1)


Hello World! Welcome to my first blog post. First to get things started, allow me to say that my posts accompanying the videos I have will be more formal and detailed than the vlogs. If you prefer a more informal kind of approach then check out my YouTube channel and the video with this same topic above!

Now, lets start talking about life… more specifically, mine. I turned 20 at the end of 2017 and must say that it opened up an entire world of reflection that I did not expect. My mind started creating a form of anxiety about the future that triggered some less than happy moments. Nevertheless, I have gotten better but still have times where it hits me. The fact that I am already 20 years into my life and feel like I have yet to accomplish anything monumental.

Back in middle school it felt great to be praised by teachers for my so-called “eloquence” and intellect. In high school it felt even better being able to have friends support me while we all earned our own personal accolades and awards that left some students in awe or envy. However, now I see that praise does not get you very far in life and neither does being very arrogant about things that don’t really matter after school once you’re in the big world.

For example, it’s like when parent receive a “my child’s an honor’s student” sticker that they post on the back of their cars to show how proud they are that they’ve created a genius. Of course, I’m exaggerating for the sake of the example but stay with me. All of that pride seems to fade once the child veers from the beaten path of college or not having the knowledge-base to uphold a job and begins to be viewed as a “slacker” in comparison to who they “used to be.”

I feel like we live in a world that wants every child to understand the joys of winning but may shield them from crushing defeat. Both are necessary and neither should be focused on more than the other. In this case, I was the child who felt the spoils of victory to the point where defeats or “perceived” losses completely decimate me. Not even knocking me down a size, it is as if I was just cut in half and thrown down a wishing well for good measure. Too explicit? Sorry about that, but hopefully you get my point.

Most adults that I have asked for advice give me the same answers and never anything different because they too don’t fully know the secret to success (if there is one at all). Hard work always comes into the minds of every adult but success isn’t that simple in my opinion, especially when the road to meeting your goals is not paved by gold like many will think. It is more like a dirt road with trenches, in an environment where storms constantly comes to turn the dirt into mud; making every step more difficult then the last.

What I am really saying, is that I wish that I learned failure earlier so that it did not hurt me as much now but would not change the environment I had the chance to grow up in. I am thankful to have such a loving mother and family, it would be foolish for me not to acknowledge their care and support. Them shielding me from certain aspects of life were a result of how they were raised, they wanted to carry me through the dirt road so that I didn’t have to face the pitfalls.

No one knows the answers to life. Whether or not money makes you happy, or if spiritual liberation truly equates to freedom, or if nothing matters at all. Nevertheless, the most beautiful thing about life is the fact that we all can make mistakes together and question life to come up with our own unique perspectives. That to me, is one of the greatest facts of lyfe.

I don’t know if I want to go with that final tagline but for now I will keep it! On a side note, I know life isn’t spelled like “lyfe.” I thought it would be more unique so do not judge me!

Besides that, I look forward to writing again on Tuesday and hope you have a wonderful day.



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